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5 Italian furniture designers to know



This week I thought I'd share a bit more about the different aesthetics of 5 of my favourite italian designers from across the decades, including some of their most iconic pieces, many of which we have stocked at Anemone. Each has a very different style, from Gio Ponti's elegant, streamline silhouettes, to Mario Bellini's famous curves in the Camaleonda sofa. That's what I love about vintage, you can always find a designer or decade that fits with your home interior now.


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Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass was an Italian designer known for his part in founding the Memphis Group in the 80s. A design movement in Milan (not the US as the name suggests!) that shook off the functionality and utilitarian clean lines of the 50s and 60s to embrace bold colours, geometric patterns, and playful designs. One of his most famous pieces is the wavy Ultrafragola mirror, you can read more about his career and designs in our 'Designer Focus' blog here.

gio ponti furniture UK

Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti was both an Italian architect and designer, celebrated for his timeless and elegant designs across a wide range - from an espresso machine to lighting, ceramics and even bathroom suites! His key aesthetic was characterised by a seamless blend of modernist minimalism and traditional Italian craftsmanship. One of his most famous architectural works is the Pirelli Tower in Milan, while in furniture design, his iconic "Superleggera" chair with Cassina showcased his signature streamline silhouette.

sergio terzani lighting

Sergio Terzani

Sergio Terzani was an Italian lighting designer known for his artistic and showstopping lighting fixtures. One of his most famous designs is the "Atlantis" chandelier, featuring cascading chains of crystals that produce enchanting light patterns around the room. The "Etoile" suspension lamp, with its delicate metalwork and ethereal glow, is another iconic creation. Terzani's designs took lighting design from functional illumination to captivating art installations, leaving an lasting design mark on the world of contemporary lighting design.

tommaso barbi lighting

Tommaso Barbi

Tommaso Barbi, an Italian furniture and interior designer, was renowned for his glamorous and sophisticated creations, often inspired by exotic travel locations. His key aesthetic combined Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern influences with opulent materials, including shimmering metals and rare woods. One of his most famous designs is the "Brass Palm Tree" floor lamp, the palm being a reoccuring design theme in his pieces, like the ceramic table lamps above, which we recently sourced.

camaleonda sofa uk

Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini, an Italian architect and designer, is celebrated for his versatile work spanning furniture, product design, and architecture. His key aesthetic involved a blend of elegance, functionality, and innovation. One of his most famous designs is the "Camaleonda" modular sofa, with its flexible design and distinctive rounded shapes, became a symbol of 1970s style. You can read more about his iconic design in our 'Designer Focus' here.

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