Hello, I am Lia. The Creative Director of Anemone Interiors.
I live in West Sussex with my husband and our three children. Before having my children I worked on leading woman’s fashion magazines. I spent all of my twenties living and working in London. After the arrival of our first born, rather than return to London, I pursued a career in Makeup, I was fortunate to work for one of the worlds leading makeup brands.

I turned 40 in 2019,  this was a turning point in my career.  My husband encouraged me to do what I had always loved doing. Shop. 
I had always loved hunting for a gem at antique fairs, usually for my own home or gifts for family and friends, there is so much more meaning in pieces that have a history.  
With that love for something old, I took the plunge and set up Anemone Interiors.
I'm half italian so my style is heavily influenced by my heritage. 
My Nonnas apartment in Naples, is full of chunky marble pieces and coloured Murano. It is an untouched gem. 
Enjoy browsing my site, if there is something you see that has sold out, do get it touch so I can try and source you another. 
Lia x

Thank you for visiting Anemone.