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5 vintage coffee table styles for your home

One of my top tips when people ask how they can add vintage to their home is to invests in the bones of the room you are renovating with vintage. Think lighting, tables, seating - the framework of your space that will then set the tone for the rest of your design. Often clients will fall in love with the colours in a murano lamp and base their whole room design off that. It is also common that clients will invest in a few key designer vintage buys and opt for a more minimal room design to let the vintage pieces sing.

If you are looking to invest in a vintage coffee table, here are 5 styles you can opt for with a wide range of looks - from 70s pink marble to cool lucite and vintage woods...

italian marble coffee table

Italian Marble Coffee Tables

I specialise in sourcing Italian vintage marble tables, with a special love for pastel coloured marbles from powder pink to rare-to-find, dusty blue. If cared for, marble is very hard-wearing and great for high-traffic areas. You can opt for a classic neutral grey, or something with bolder vein-patterns and statement legs for a showstopping central-focus to the room.

Lucite Coffee Tables

I love adding lucite to apartments, or smaller spaces as the clear form doesn't encroach on the space. Lucite coffee tables are also brilliant if placed on top of a statement pattern rug, as they don't obstruct the design. Lucite is prone to scratching, so will need a tray, or coasters to protect the surface - but with some TLC, will be a design classic for years to come.

Mid-Century Wood Coffee Tables

Warm mid-century wood coffee tables are perfect for adding some texture and depth to a space. There are so many styles of European mid-century wood furniture to choose from, ranging from the clean lines of Danish design to the Modernist styles of Italy. Choose from light blonde woods, or darker woods with textural interest like walnut.

1970s Sculptural Coffee Tables

 I am often requested to source specific, statement coffee tables to act as the anchor for a room's design. Part sculpture, part functional table they are amazing talking points in a room's design. This rare mint metallic shell coffee table above comes with a customisable glass top included, so can be made to fit your space perfectly.

Vintage Rattan Tables

 If you are working in a smaller room, in a characterful cottage perhaps, opt for occasional side tables at the end of a sofa, instead of in-front to save on space. Rattan is on-trend right now for adding warmth and natural texture to a space.

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