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5 ways to style the metallic interiors trend

Traditionally, an interiors rule has been to stick to one metal throughout a room design for a cohesive feel, but following the lead of the catwalk this SS23, metals are getting a mix up...

If you're interested in introducing some mixed metals into your scheme here are the tricks I use when styling clients' homes:

Play with different finishes

It's not just about mixing metals, but mixing finishes too - from hammered metals to brushed textures and highly polished looks. If you're not ready to mix your coloured metals, pairing high shine with matte finishes is a great place to start.

Use metallics in unexpected ways for a modern twist

Our metallic leather is an amazing material to reupholstery 1970s and 1980s pieces with, as it immediately gives them a different feel. Using metal finishes in unexpectedly places, be it fabrics or paint, will add design interest to a space.

Start with accessories

If you want to dabble with mixing your metals, start with your home accessories. It may be a hammered brass bowl on a silver tray, or a collection of different metal photoframes hung together. As you gain confidence, then you may start to invest in bigger mixed metallic pieces for your home. Lighting is another great way of adding metals into a space for instant impact.

Play with tones

Silver has a cool, modernist feel that pairs really well with glass and lucite, while golds and warmer metals are great with rattans and natural materials. Use your jewellery and place it around your room to play around and see which metallic tones suit your current colour palette.

If you're feeling brave...

I have seen an antique finish, gold-leaf ceiling with silver and glass chandeliers look incredible, or a Venetian glass mirror in a bathroom paired with gold fixtures. Maybe it's time to throw out the design rule book and write your own!

If you are looking for an interiors style consultation for more tips for your home, contact me for details of the services I offer.