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In Conversation with... Matthew Williamson


This week I thought I'd share an interview from the archives - an inspiring chat I had with designer, Matthew Williamson chatting about his artistic process, styling tips and everything interiors! We collaborated in 2021 on our Moro Head Light, with handpainted lampshades by Matthew and he has remained a great friend and inspiration to Anemone Interiors ever since...

matthew williamson vintage interiors

LIA: For those that don't have confidence with colour in their home, where do they start?

MATTHEW: I'd start by picking out something you already own that you love the colours in and try to replicate those tones into a room scheme. It could be a printed dress, scarf, piece of art, a vase or even a bunch of flowers. Whatever it is you love use that as your lead and maybe stick to just a couple of key tones rather than mixing too many colours to create a harmonious and calming palette.

LIA: What are your favourite colour combinations?

Most of my walls are usually white, soft blue grey or plaster, or blush pink. I tend to use stronger tones mostly in the furniture and accessories. I always love soft pinks with sharp greens, pinks mixed with lipstick red and I'm loving using warm caramel, mustard and honey tones at the moment - they feel rich, warm and decadent but easy to live with.

LIA: What's the one thing in a home people should invest in?

MATTHEW: My top 4 things would be a good kitchen (oven and fridge in particular), a bath, a bed and a sofa. It's personal of course but those for me are the pieces I use the most often at home so they need to function well and endure.

LIA: Growing up, who was your biggest inspiration in design?

MATTHEW: My mum, Adam Ant, Rifat Osbek and Christian Lacroix.

LIA: With so much going on, what do you do to relax?

MATTHEW: Not much time to relax with a 7 year old but I love an afternoon nap these days when my daughter's at school and quiet nights in, in front of the telly. I paint a lot too, which I find super relaxing if I can carve out enough time in the day to really get stuck in.

matthew williamson lamp

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