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Marble Living Room Furniture Ideas

Marble coffee table with Ultrafragola mirror

There’s nothing quite like a piece of marble living room furniture to instantly add style and class to any space.

With its intricate and totally unique designs, marble is a material that has been used throughout the homes for decades. From creating stunning kitchen countertops to adding the perfect finishing touches to a bedroom, marble can compliment any existing interior design style effortlessly.

If you’re stuck on how you can bring a touch of marble into your living room, we’re outlining some of our favourite ideas of how you can incorporate this iconic material into your abode.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Marble Living Room Tables

One way that you can add both style and function to your living room is with the addition of a beautiful marble living room table.

Perfect for making the focal point of your space, or tucking into the corner for some understated glamour, a marble table is always something that’s going to grab everyone#s attention. 

Here are just a few marble options that you could choose from.

White Round Marble Coffee Table

A white round marble coffee table is the ultimate piece to add right to the centre of your room. This piece can transform the whole vibe of your living room and can create a key piece that you can base the rest of your furniture around.

Faux Marble Coffee Table

Not everyone has the money to invest in a traditional marble coffee table, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without the style that marble can bring.

Choose a faux marble coffee table for all the same WOW-factor, but without the hefty price tag that many authentic marble furniture pieces come with.

Pink Marble Coffee Table

Although many people usually opt for the traditional white and grey marble tables, it doesn’t mean that you also have to follow the crowd with your dining table.

If you want to stand out and add a truly iconic piece to your living room, why not try a pink marble table top, like our Pink Italian marble coffee table C.1970

Pink Italian marble coffee table C.1970

Distinctive Accenting with Marble Side Tables

If you’ve already got a table in your living room, or just don’t want to make marble the main feature of your space, you can go for the more understated approach by adding a marble side table instead.

Perfect for tucking away, resting your coffee on, or creating that little bit more storage space in your room, a coffee table is the perfect addition to any living room.

Offering something different from typical glass or wood tables, we love our oval shape Cipollino Ondulato marble coffee table, for it’s intricate design and the functionality it can bring to any home. Sure to be a conversation starter that leaves your guests in awe, this unique furniture piece is essential for anyone who’s interested in interior design.

Cipollino Ondulato marble coffee table

Marbleised Media Consoles and TV Stands 

If you’re as interested in mid-century design as we are, a marble media console or TV stand could be the next newest addition to your living room.

For example, our The Allegra marble console table is a great example of how you can add a stylish marble addition to your home, without causing yourself any hassle.

Our A-symmetrical table can be secured to your living room walls by brackets to keep everything in place, with a V-shaped base that adds more structure and security to the piece.

With a distinctive dark grey and white colour design, we can’t think of any better piece to incorporate into your living room.

The Allegra Marble Console Table

Decorative and Functional Marble Chairs

It’s not just tables and console tables that you can buy in the iconic marble effect print, but also marble dining chairs, seating and ottomans.

Offering style in abundance and an authentic retro feel in any home, marble chairs are an unexpected yet classic style that can suit any of the other furniture you have in your home.

Set up your ottoman in your living room to store away all of the items you don’t want on display at all times like books, DVD’s, electronics or toys. Or pick some marble seating options as the perfect place for your family or friends to lounge in after a long day of work. 

Whatever seating you’re choosing to add into your living room, marble could be the perfect design if you’re looking to create some eye catching, attractive glamour.

Marble Benches to Complete the Set

To complete your set of marble-inspired furniture, take it to the next level by adding some pure marble benches into your living room.

Whether you’re entertaining guests and require some additional seating space, or just want somewhere for your family to sit while you’re all watching your favourite film, a marble bench can help tie all your furniture pieces together while providing much-needed functionality.

Many of the pieces you can find on our website are completely custom-made which means you can always be sure to get a truly unique piece of furniture that you will never find in anyone else’s homes.

So whether you’re going for the full set, or just trying out individual pieces to see if marble will fit into your room, you know you’re always going to get a high-quality, majestic piece in a range of shapes and sizes.

Marble Furniture for a Fashionable, Refined Look.

In this article, we’ve taken you through a few of the reasons we think that marble is the must-have material to use in your contemporary living room.

With our modern marble living room furniture ideas, we’ve discussed how a marble table can add a beautiful focal point to your space, or how you can add some much-needed functionality to your home with marble chairs and benches.

If we’ve convinced you that you need to add some glamorous marble into your home, we have a wide collection of luxury marble furniture on our exclusive brand website that can help you perfectly take your living room to the next level.

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