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Mid Century Hallway Decor - The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, the past is never the past. Over the years, creatives worldwide have taken trips down memory lane to seek inspiration for their art today. Well, the narrative is so different when it comes to hallway decor.

Yes, mid-century hallway decor still holds a unique aesthetic appeal and is very relevant today.

But, here’s the million-dollar question — how do you decide what  furniture to acquire? More importantly, how do you combine them to achieve a stunning, beautiful finish?

Well, if the answer you want doesn't come to mind immediately, you’re in the right place.

This article walks you through delightful decoration guaranteed to leave your front door space looking positively mid-century!

Mid Century Interior Decor: What to Look Out For

If you want to spruce up your hallway with some mid-century style that will invite a second look every time, the trick is finding the perfect furnishings and fittings for your home layout.

Not to worry, we’ll point you in the right direction of modern entryway ideas.

Mid-century Modern Hallway Tables

Mid-Century Table

When creating a mid-century look for your hallway, a hallway table is an essential piece of furniture you can’t afford to overlook as they lend personality to your style. You can place a table lamp, a bowl for your keys or any other decorative item on the table to finish the look.

The best part?

You have several options when it comes to mid-century hallway tables. Some come with drawers that can be handy for keeping your post, while others are simpler with only a solid, flat top. In addition, you can choose between several colours — with dark brown, honeywood, and black being some of the more popular choices.

However, most '90s modern-style hallway tables will be made of wood (such as oak and teak). So, keep that in mind.

Hallway Light Fixtures

Hallway Light Fixtures

Your hallway light fixtures come in a wide variety of options — vintage or not. So, you don’t have to worry about not finding a design you like for your home's interior.

Of course, decoration is not the primary function of light fittings in your hallway. After all, you’ll need a good light source in your home, especially when you return at night. But, if your light accessories fit seamlessly into your mid-century theme, even better!

We recommend going big and bold with reflective finishes on your light fixtures. For instance, you can install a starburst chandelier. This type of chandelier has several rods shooting out of a small sphere at the centre — almost like it’s exploding — and was very popular in the mid-century.

Drum semi-flush mounts or brass rod chandeliers are also some more ideas you'll love.

Pro tip? A central ceiling light in your hallway will typically light its surroundings best. However, wall sconces are also fantastic design elements.

Hallway Mirrors as a Feature Piece

The Ultrafragola Mirror

Mirrors in your hallway are a surefire way to make a statement in your mid century modern home. In addition, they are also a great way to take a look at your outfit before you step out the door. 

So, you see, having this hallway furniture is a win-win!

Besides, mirrors can also help you accentuate specific parts of your house. For instance, if you’re hallway ceiling is not as high as you’d like, using long, antique mirrors can vertically exaggerate the architecture to make it look more airy.

Popular mid-century hallway mirror ideas include the sunburst mirror, tall leaning mirrors, and large circular mirrors. This Ultrafragola mirror leaning against one wall is a great example!

Mid Century Storage Bench


If you think we left storage benches in the 1950s, well, you’re wrong. Instead, a mid-century storage bench can add some character and functionality to your home today.

A storage bench in your hallway can come in handy as a shoe stash for your favourite sneakers if you're a runner, or the pairs you wear most frequently. You can also store your stacks of post or stray children's toys in there.

Even more, this bench is a super convenient platform to sit on while you slip on your shoes or lace up your boots. Of course, they also come in handy while taking these shoes off.

You can even go for gold and stick a coat rack complete with an umbrella stand beside this ingenius bench!

Antique or Vintage Chairs 

Vintage Chair

When it comes to mid-century hallway interior decoration, you can almost not go wrong with a vintage chair, especially if it's accurately named. While vintage chairs were simply chairs several decades ago, they lend a chic vibe to midcentury modern homes today.

Besides, if you don’t want a depository bench in your hallway but want the convenience of being able to sit while you put on and remove your shoes, you can introduce some vintage chairs along your wall space.

They can even come in handy if you’re waiting for that friend that is always late (we all have one of those). Or perhaps, you’re waiting for your taxi, and you’d rather not sit in the main house where you may get too comfortable.

Vintage chairs can be an accessory to your mid-century style, and you should leverage them.

Pro tip? Even if your sofa colours don't match, make sure they are in the same palette.

Sleek Classic Sofas

1970s flower Danish sofa

What is mid-century interior design without an elegant, classic sofa? Or sofas, depending on the size of your home?

Like a chaise in your bedroom, sofas are a no-brainer when it comes to interior decoration. However, the trick is to keep the design of your sofa consistent with your mid-century theme. Otherwise, you may plunge your hallway into chaos.

We don’t have to go into detail about the numerous advantages of having a vibrant hallway sofa. Houzz will showcase them perfectly!

Add Some Charm With a Console Table

The Allegra marble console table

A console table is another perfect piece for hallway decorating ideas. However, asides from that, everyone needs a functional table in their hallway sooner or later. In addition, some tables may come with built-in drawers to hide the clutter such as keys and posts, while others only offer you a slim tabletop.

Depending on your preference, you can either leave your table bare or place some decorative items on them - mini bookcases, picture frames, and magazines are some of our fave feature pieces. But, make sure to keep one separate from the other.

In most cases, mid-century modern-style tables are wooden with minimalist frames — simple legs and a rectangle top. However, some tables may also have their surfaces in varying shapes.

Time-Tested Bench Hallway Furniture

Do you know that benches are one of the most under-leveraged pieces of furniture in homes globally? Yet, their minimalist design makes an ideal furniture piece to go against the wall in your mid-century modern homes.

Benches perfectly combine practicality and aesthetics as they create a sleek image when you place them perfectly. In other words, always make sure there is both a functional and geometric appeal.

You can use your hallway bench as a platform for setting down your bag when you come in from work or any other place. They are also ideal supports when you need to sit and put on your shoes. Let’s not forget that hallway benches are a great platform to unload numerous bags that come with a day's shopping.

Contemporary Cupboards

Brutalist side cupboard by LANE c.1960

Yes, it is 2022. But, cupboards have not gone out of style, especially if you’re going for a mid-century modern look in your home.

You can place a contemporary-themed cupboard as a wall decor hallway. In addition, it will also double as a platform for handy things you need to set down and storage space. This way, you don't need bulky shelves anymore.

As a rule of thumb, when choosing a cabinet for your hallway, it is usually best to go for furniture pieces with minimalist designs yet make a statement. But, of course, you also want to ensure that your choices are consistent with your theme — say, Bohemian.

Remember, we want your home to look like Palm Springs today. But, like with a 60s filter.

Vintage Rugs

1960s pink tiger print rug ~ 100% wool

Do you want to add some cosiness to your hallway without having to remodel it? A vintage rug is one way to go!

Sometimes, clean-cut mid-century decor can create the illusion of too much space and little warmth. Thankfully, a vintage rug on your floor can dramatically change this.

Introducing a vintage rug into your hallway interior design can make it feel more cosy and warm. It can even introduce some character to your home. 

Pro tip? Make sure your rug's hue complements the rest of the decor.

The only downside is that your rug will eventually become dirty. But that’s only understandable since your hallway floor is a high-traffic area for a popular destination — your home!

Start Decorating Your Hallway

While some rooms in your home will just seem to fill themselves, such as the beds in your bedroom and the sofas in your living room, your hallway is not as straightforward. What on earth are you supposed to place there?

Well, now you know.

Hopefully, the hallway decorating ideas in this article has given you insight into how you can use a few well-chosen pieces of mid-century hallway decor to boost the aesthetic appeal of your hallway.

Remember, the trick to impressive interior decoration is consistency. Do this, and you’ll have every visitor trying to be a photographer once you welcome them into your hallway.

Are you looking to buy mid-century furnishings? Browse through our site. We've got some great options!