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Pink-spiration - 7 ideas for pink interiors


Soft pink is a great colour to add to your home (yes I'm biased) - as psychologically it has a calming, nurturing effect on the brain; creating soft, gentle cosseting spaces to relax in to.

At the other end of the pink spectrum however, bold brights and warm corals can be used as accents to add fun and vibrancy to a room design. Here are some ideas on how to add different pink tones to your home, with inspiration from leading interior designers:


I love the mix of textures and tones in this bathroom designed by the clever Barlow & Barlow. From the herringbone blush marble floor, to the warmer coral tones of the checkerboard tiles and zig-zag stripe of the wallpaper. Adding in the white and brass accents stops it feeling saccharine, for a fresh and modern pink take.


Pic Credit: Architectural Digest. Photography by Simon Watson

The tour of Lily Allen and David Harbour's Brooklyn home last month for Architectural Digest was a sneak peek of vintage heaven - including these pink upholstered club chairs in Lily's master bathroom. The three-way print clash with the carpet, curtains and wallpaper should, on paper, feel overwhelming but the simply white fixtures and furniture allow the prints to shine and shows perfectly how pink can be used as a 'tonal neutral' with busy designs.


There are so many tones to choose from if you are hunting for the perfect pink paint. A pink with hints of blue in it, heading towards mauve like this bathroom above by interiors designer, Carlos Sanchez-Garcia using Edward Bulmer's 'Nicaragua' - feels calming and tranquil. While a vibrant coral can add energy to a space, especially when used to pick out cabinetry or woodwork. Velveteen tones of blush pink are perfectly soft for a nursery, or dressing room - or why not try a deep raspberry in a snug or dining room for instant, intimate cosiness?

Here are the pink shades I love and use in the showroom and my own home:


Without a doubt, pink is the shade that sells the fastest at Anemone - from our marble blush pink tables, to these amazing new 1980s bamboo plinths and sideboard. Pink accent pieces can be added to so many room schemes, from bold florals like Lily's above, to more mid-century, minimal spaces and mix well with a wide range of woods and metals. Currently in stock we have some rare pink-tone Murano glass lighting which cast a beautiful, warm glow - or we have an authentic Ultrafragola pink mirror (above) for an ultimate vintage pink interior.

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