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Shine on - Chrome Lights to brighten up your home



I am an absolute magpie for anything reflective, mirrored, sparkly... so it's no surprise that I often source chrome lights, mirror balls and have been known to cover a chair or two in metallic leather...

Right now I'm especially drawn to these 1980s fan wall lights that are such a reminder of childhood holidays on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast seeing Mammas with their foil tanning reflectors (let's not mention the factor zero!).

We also have a chunky lucite and chrome pair of Harvey Guzzini table lamps, carried back as hand-luggage from Rome in the 1970s by the original owners.

gaetano sciolari

I also have a pair of these Gaetano Sciolari wall lights, that are a real piece of Italian designer heritage - sold as a pair, they are some of Sciolari's later work taking inspiration from decorative aesthetics alongside Art Deco and space age. 

These Art Deco table lamps are huge! (82cm high) - with mirrored drum shades and chrome and wood column bases. Despite their size and impact on any room, their neutral tones mean they would fit with any colour scheme.

If you want to add a bit of 70s disco funk to your room design but don't have head-height for a full-on disco ball, this 1970s DeKnudt disco mirror reflects light beautifully, throwing sparkles around the walls when the sun rays hit it.


Vintage Chrome Interiors - How to Style It

Chrome is a great material to utilise in interior design; as a 'neutral' it can be layered into a host of colour palettes and settings seamlessly.

Popular in the 1970s and 80s, it is often used in 'space age' and modernist styles - paired with lucite and glass. Great for those looking for a more 'modern vintage' look.

Mirror can be used not just as a looking glass! It works brilliantly as panels on a lamp base, console table tops, panelling... mirror is great to use in dark, or small spaces as not only does it bounce light but it also makes pieces appear smaller, as it reflects its surroundings to give the illusion of space.

In a lot of 80s pieces you often see chrome mixed with other coloured metals for a glamorous take on metallics.

how to care for chrome

Chrome Care - how to clean your vintage chrome pieces

If you notice your chrome becoming dull, a simple buff with a soft microfibre cloth should bring back the shine. Just make sure there's no dirt or grit on the surface, as you may scratch it in as you polish.

If it needs a more in-depth clean, add a spot of apple cider vinegar to the cloth to cut through the grime.

To protect your vintage chrome and keep it looking shiny, add a layer of carnuba wax after cleaning.

If you have rust or pitting on your chrome, or you think it may need replating, take it to a specialist to be evaluated.

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